Writing tricks to help you write crisp, creative copy

By Azriel Re’Shel

Your words are working for you all the time. They communicate your brand, who you are and whether people will pay attention to you and your message.

A few simple writing techniques can help get your message out into the world more powerfully.

To stand out you need to have compelling, genuine and persuasive copy. Your words must move people and create connection.

Here are 6 simple ways to write better copy.

  1. Keep it Simple

Your words must make sense and be crystal clear. Be crisp, punchy and to the point. Use short sentences. The most powerful communication takes place using a few well chosen words. Common writing traps are being too technical, using too many big words, being confusing and unclear, or going off on tangents.

  1. Watch for repetition

Often we say the same thing two or three times. Repetition kills clarity and most writing is overwritten. You can instantly transform your writing through trimming off extraneous content and being willing to ditch some words.

  1. Find and express your unique voice and personality

Don’t be afraid to put yourself into your writing. Share yourself, your stories, be genuine and authentic and have fun. You are unique and people want to connect with you and the gifts you have to share.

  1. Write to a 12 year-old audience

A reader will click away from your website if its too wordy or they can’t understand what you’re saying. Keep it clear and simple and people will love what you’re saying!

  1. Write how you speak

Be informal, relaxed and natural. Using contractions like we’ll instead of “we will” to give your words a natural feel. Reading your words out loud is helpful in making sure they flow with a good rhythm.

  1. Have fun!

If you enjoy what you write, others will too. Be playful, light-hearted, adventurous and curious when you write. Having fun with your words also opens you up to greater creative inspiration and can have surprising and wonderful results.









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