Thursday, 17th., September 2020

Rebecca Asquith – The Art of Marketing without Marketing

Why does marketing get a bad wrap? Because when done badly it is about manipulation and creating the desired reaction from your ‘target’ audience  – finding their pain point, jabbing them in the bruise and then selling them the painkiller! For most people, marketing in the way we are told to do it, does not come naturally and for good reason….but what if we re-imagined advertising completely and learnt the art of marketing without marketing?

In this talk Rebecca will explore how you can grow your business without an advertising budget using key understandings around how and why people make decisions. Rather than a prescriptive set of How To’s Rebecca will support you to unlock and appreciate all the ways you can develop and expand your business organically and intuitively.

Rebecca Asquith has worked with sole practitioners and small to medium sized business owners all over the globe with coaching, branding and as a digital creative. Having enjoyed the freedoms and successes (and having overcome many of the obstacles) of being self-employed over the past 10 years, she understands what it takes to be in business for yourself.

Date: Thursday, 17th., September 2020
Time: 7:30 am until 9:00 am

Venue: Wharf Bar & Restaurant, 12-24 Fawcett Street, Ballina

Byron and Beyond Members: $33 / Visitors: $38

On the Menu
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