Social Media For Your Business


Why you should care about social media for your business

Nowadays, everyone speaks about social media, but how efficient is it really for your business?

Find out why you should care about having an online presence and what you can get out of it.

Social media has become unavoidable.

In every discussion, whether it’s professional or at a dinner party, people are talking about how it is changing the world.

As a small business owner, your days are already packed with work, balancing clients, sales and employees. It’s hard to find those extra hours to do some online marketing, with no certain return on investment.

What if I told you that it’s not that time-consuming and it is the best promotion tool you can find in 2017?

If you still don’t believe me, keep reading and find out why caring about social media for your business is no longer an option.

1. Your customers care about it.

According to Sensis Social Media Report, 87% of the Australians access the Internet daily. That is 87% of the population that is potentially searching for products and services online.

Many companies have understood that social media is the key. They are in the lead, being the first in building real online communities. By doing so, they can then convert followers into real customers.

There is a massive potential in engaging and promoting your brand online. The better you know your potential customers, who they are and what they like, the better you can find the right social media platform.

2. Your brand gets stronger.

Social media is an excellent way for your business to build a community around your brand. If you have employees and partners, you can easily involve them in your business journey. Your employees can show their expertise by writing and creating content on your website. They can also build up a network of potential customers through the engagement they have on your platforms. There are so many ways to get the whole team involved!

But it’s also about the business philosophy. By interacting and networking online, your whole team can truly understand what unites you as a business – your mission, voice and message. All this has a huge impact on the trustworthiness of your company. Your customers can see that the whole team is sharing the same values. Your customers can see that you are working towards a healthy business environment for everyone. Therefore, they are more likely to get on board.

3. You can tailor your offer.

The strongest and the most successful businesses are the ones that know how to listen. By interacting with your customers online, you can get much insightful information that helps you to better tailor what you have to offer.

– What do they like about your company?
– How can you improve your existing offer?
– What do they want to see more of?

How often do you get a chance to ask your customers these questions?

On social media, those questions can be asked openly, on an everyday basis. In every post, in every comment, you get valuable information about what your customers are actually expecting from you. Forget costly customer studies. Social media gives you a better and cheaper solution.

Converting followers to customers, building a brand that resonates and understanding what your clients actually want. Social media does that all.
Whatever you do, building an online community is investing in your own company. Join the social media trend and get your business to another level!

See you on the web!

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About Daria: Daria Vodopianova runs Murashka Consulting, a digital agency based in Melbourne, and online. Her mission is to empower businesses and artists through better online branding and marketing.

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