Our Top 10 Social Media Tips

Angela PonsfordAngela Ponsford of Dotti Media is a regular attendee and presenter at Business Networking Breakfasts.

She has spoken in Byron Bay and Ballina to ‘Help Businesses Connect the Dots with Social Media’.

Angela has provided the following Ten Tips to help you on your way.

1. Set aside some marketing budget each month to try some Facebook Ads. It can be as little as $50!

2. Make sure to go in and look at your Facebook Ad Reports to see who was engaging with the ads

3. Set up the ‘Call-To-Action’ button on your Facebook Cover Photo

4. Create short videos to share on your Facebook Page. To maximise engagement, upload them directly into Facebook rather than sharing a YouTube link

5. The majority of social media users are accessing the content from a mobile device – make sure your website and content are optimised for mobile

6. The new Local Awareness Ads in Facebook allow you to have a ‘Call Now’ button on the ad. Great for local businesses

7. Instagram engagement is over 10X that of Facebook & Twitter. If you can make the time we encourage you to get involved!

8. Think about how you can create ‘Thumb-stopping’ Content (beautiful images, quick tips, fun videos)

9. Use hashtags on Instagram to increase your visibility to others that are not already following you

10. Don’t share all your Instagram hashtags over to Facebook. It looks UGLY!

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