Elevator Pitch

At the start of each Byron and Beyond Business networking breakfast, everyone is given the chance to introduce ourselves themselves to the group. This ensures that everyone gets to know each other personally, and so that if you hear that someone offers the service you need, you can make sure to chat with them specifically before the end of the session.
Although informal, delivering your ‘elevator pitch’ as it is sometimes called is an important part of the morning. It is called an Elevator Pitch, because, if you got in to an elevator with someone and had their attention for about 30 seconds, could you; introduce yourself, clearly convey what it is you do or what you offer, who you are looking for to help you or your business grow, And, give the other person the same opportunity to do the return?

It’s an art in itself! But one that is in continual evolution so we have fun with it and Byron and Beyond.
This video gives you a quick look at how this unfolds at our business networking breakfasts.

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